Our Services

Intelligent enterprises start the transformation journey in their home industry. Aliph Technology offers solutions driven by intelligent technologies for best-practice business processes that help you run better in the experience economy.


Committed Solutions to help Your Business grow

IT Infrastructure

As companies seek to reduce operational costs, the technological infrastructure components are also a target of cuts, namely in equipment and human resources.

Security & Safety

Our Security and Safety infrastructure is designed to provide/ensure round-the-clock monitoring, durability, guaranteed safety and watertight security.

Unified & Secure Digital Communication

Unified communications systems act as an innovative tool to garner optimized enterprise communications with seamless user experience, enabling people to work together efficiently, anywhere, and on any device.

Support & Maintainance

Our technical support and maintenance services are effective while addressing pending and futuristic issues. In a view to ease management of both hardware and software environments.

Power Solutions

We have extensive experience in the delivery of a range of alternative power solutions. The goal is to ensure enough energy to power your services and at an affordable rate to.

Web & App Development

We cover the full lifecycle of application and software development.  Our processes are constantly revised to embrace world-class techniques.

Smart Building System

We are experts in designing, developing and implementing Smart Building platforms utilizing state of the art software and hardware.

Consultancy & Training

While some of our training is open to the general public, most training we provide is customized per client request and backed by certified instructors.