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Aliph Technology has been a premier leader in the facility management field. We are experts in designing, developing and implementing Smart Building platforms utilizing state-of-the-art software and hardware.

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Safe, secure, sustainable Smart Buildings that pleasantly support people with digital features will have a clear edge in the property market soon. It’s safe to assume that, going forward, buildings will be used more flexibly than what we’re used to today. The degree to which a building adapts to its users’ needs will influence where members of the generation of digital natives will prefer to spend their time. Buildings with a high level of technologization are also better able to support New Work approaches. More IoT services will follow to additionally facilitate everyday activities.

Identifying and resolving malfunctions and outages, detecting the need for maintenance work and automatically scheduling it, optimally utilizing rooms and space – are just a few of the many ways in which an intelligent building can deliver benefits. A new kind of dialog with people is changing how buildings are managed, making them easier to run and reducing the frequency of required maintenance, which can even be carried out remotely. Buildings themselves are becoming ideal partners for facility and energy managers: comprehensively supporting them while simplifying processes and helping to lastingly slash operating costs.


We execute a range of smart building solutions including:

  • Acces Control
  • Smart Home
  • SIP/IP Intercom
  • Energy Managment
  • Nurse Call System
  • Cloud Service Platform
  • Integrated Alarm/Monitoring
  • Lift Management System
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